Tibi Tibi Tibi a Latona! Session 4 kicked off on Sunday in true Latona Style, with great food, great friendships being rekindled and new relationships being formed. The final kid’s camp of Summer 2013 is certainly off to a rocking start.

As soon as the campers set sail from Porteau, the ferry trip on the Narrow’s Mist I had an electric atmosphere. Noise, songs and the spirit of adventure shone bright as the campers docked at Latona Beach. Tours, games and stories galore pushed the momentum into overdrive and memories are sure to be made in the exciting wake.

Kids from all over Canada have made the trip to Latona this week and have already started to share experiences and stories with each other. In the classic camp tradition, the older campers have been helping the younger campers with the tradition and direction of the Latona Way! One of our youngest, and brand new campers helped come up with the dinner punishments for the counsellors!

Here’s to a great week!




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