We are officially more than halfway through the summer and Session 3 is creeping up just around the corner! The summer so far has been fantastic! All of us staff at Camp Latona have really enjoyed getting to know and adventure with all of our campers and it has been a joy to watch them grow and overcome challenges while playing on the beautiful grounds of Gambier Island. Kids come to camp excited but also nervous about leaving home for the first time or taking part in activities which they’ve never done before and it is our goal at Camp Latona, that each camper leaves feeling like they’ve conquered a fear, and had fun doing it! It is such a privilege to be a part of watching a camper brave the Zipline for the first time or step outside their comfort zone and sign up for a funny skit/song. This is what camp is all about! Making memories, meeting friends and enjoying being free in the great outdoors, where there’s always something new and exhilarating to explore! There’s still time to sign up for Session 4 and there are lots more laughs and campfires to be had. Come experience the adventure!

Tibi a Latona!


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