As we come close to the beginning of the fourth and final week of residential summer camp this summer we would like to take a moment to think about the fantastic memories we have made together over the past couple months of sunshine.

Every day at Latona we see personal growth on the part of the campers and staff. First Zip Lines. First Leaps of Faith. Records on the Vertical Playground and a bullseye at Archery.

Who among us has learned a new skill, or tried something for the first time over the course of the summer? I know I have! Before July, I had never before eaten prawns. Before June, Maple had never leapt from the platform, entrusting her safety to her peers.

Before the summer, never before had a group of Latona summer staff come together to work so hard for the betterment of children. Summer of 2013 so far has seen over 150 children learn a new skill, try something for the first time, and become that little bit more independent.

This summer, how many of your children came home looking forward to the opportunity to be at camp again? How many of these campers came home singing songs and sharing stories?

How many of them came home saying nothing?

Some of our campers who have the most incredible experiences go home not sharing their experiences with others for fear of losing that special, developmental time they shared at summer camp. In order to help them open up without fear of taking away from their time at camp ask them questions which let them open up.

Try this:

  • What is something new you learned at camp?
  • What was your favourite thing to eat?
  • Why did you enjoy your week?
  • Did you try something new?
  • How did that make you feel?

Questions such as these aim to draw some feedback from your campers about their experience with us. Sharing this experience with you is key to their continued social and developmental experience spurred on without technology and with other people.

Try something new today and think about camp.

www.camplatona.com/registration for those who need another week! August 25th-30th has a few spots left.

- Chief


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