Greetings from the sunny shores of Gambier Island, where our first residential camp session has departed with new friends and great memories. 47 campers from around BC spent the week at Latona having a blast.

The summer sun shone all week with plenty of time to cool off in the water, tubing, swimming and kayaking.

This session we were lucky enough to play host to five wonderful new Outdoor Leaders, these fantastic young women, Sunshine, Whale, Orca, Bluebell and Koala successfully completed the challenging, adventurous, developmental and rewarding program with flying colours. Upon graduation, we are lucky enough to have them back at different stages during the summer to share their experiences and build relationships with new and returning campers alike.

The highlights this week were Turtle’s birthday with a special cake for his cabin, and the campers claiming victory in finding all of the counsellors taken by the Gambier Pirates. One camper noted that Capture the Flag, Canadian vs Cowboy style was “the best ever”!



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