Session 2 is officially in full gear and all of Latona’s returning and brand new campers are having a blast! We arrived on Sunday evening ready for a week of adventure and dove right into swim tests, feasting on delicious burgers with sautéed onions and mushrooms, wrapping up the perfect first day at our famous Latona campfire, complete with hilarious skits, loads of songs and so much laughter our faces still hurt the next morning!

Today we spent the day canoeing out on the ocean, tie-dyeing shirts, towels and anything else we could get our hands on, sharpening our archery skills by curving fast at water balloons and strengthening the bonds of trust with our cabin mates at Latona’s famous low ropes courses. For breakfast and lunch we switched up our everyday clothes to match the theme meals… Messy-morning-bed-head after we woke up and Tacky-bright-80’s in the afternoon. There are plenty more theme meals to come so it’s a good thing we have heaps of costumes to rifle through and a whole outdoor playground of supplies to improvise and get creative with!

One of our favourite parts of camp is keeping a close eye on our counsellors and camp director during meal times. If we spy an elbow on the table or call them out for eating like slobs, they have no choice but to run laps around the mess hall as we cheer and sing them on! They’re lucky to have us looking out for them and making sure their table manners are always in tip-top shape. We can’t wait for what the rest of the day/week has in store for us, it’s only Monday (Day 2) and we still have so much to look forward to… we’ll get to zip-line, venture across the rickety bridge, capture our counsellors, kayak, test our survival skills on an out-trip, build campfires, stargaze during the night hike, boat and tube around the ocean, enjoy lots more delicious meals (with dessert!), and spend the whole week wishing camp would never end! Here’s to a rocking session 2!!!! There’s still time to sign up for sessions 3 & 4, come join us for the best summer of your life! Tibi Tibi Tibi a Latona!



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