As September slowly crunches to an end, I find it hard to believe that it has already been a month since session 4 ended! Planning for next year has already begun, but before we switch gears into 2014, let’s take a trip down memory lane….

There were so many awesome memories made this summer, I really can’t pick just one… So I won’t! Instead, here are my top 10 Camp Latona moments which made this summer the best one ever!

1) That time Orca got punished at every meal… and then had to survive a final grand punishment… as a punishment… for being punished so many times… poor Orca!

2) Seeing the campers’ eyes light up as the VIWB (Very Important Wow Box) revealed all its secrets after every dinner.

3) The moments right before linger when everyone squished on the bottom benches with old and new friends to sing a song perfect for ending every summer night campfire.

4) Squiff’s wounded soldier skit… Actually, come to think of it… ALL of Squiff’s skits!!! We’re lucky we snatched him up before Hollywood had the chance to!

5) A mouth-watering dinner awaiting us after a long day of swimming, zip-lining, canoeing, leaping, rock climbing, archery…. Pheeeew the list goes on!

6) Seeing how much fun the campers had after coming back from the out-trip! Inside jokes, herbal essences skits, CHUNKS, salamanders, Nunavut flipping the titanic, diesel water… The list goes on!

7) Blasting Taylor swifts “trouble” during chaos lunch and watching all the campers and staff singing at the top of their lungs!

8) Catching the Cowichan boys during their kitchen raid… and making them share their haul!

9) Seeing all the counsellors open presents full of punishments during Christmas in July! Santa definitely didn’t get a cookie or a glass of milk for that one…

10) Two words: cinnamon buns

Now as the sun sets earlier, the days get chillier, and the pumpkins grow bigger, I reflect back on the summer of 2013 with a hope and a wish that all of you had as much fun as I did over the past few months! It was YOU the campers, counsellors and parents who made this summer an unforgettable one, and all of us at Latona are already counting down until the 2014 season! It’s never too early right? Tibi a Latona

- Maple


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