Greetings from session 3! Today may be the last day of activitiies, but it is the first day of the continuation of new friendships and taking home memories that will last a long time. Here at Latona this week, we have focused on building a strong community with opportunities for growth and development for all. Campers and staff alike have taken initiative and led new songs, played new games and shown more confidence than ever before.
We find it truly inspirational how much change can be seen in the campers each week, and this potential drives us all forward to keep looking for more. This week specifically, we played revitalized breakfast on Wednesday with an Animal theme. The CITs and counsellor played the part of a variety of animals showing (educationally of course) how the eat at a table, while Sir Squiffalot, one of our guys counsellors showed us how good Latonan’s eat with back straight and ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE!

The Miss Latona Ugly Pageant made its annual appearance this week to critical acclaim, the guests, judges, and contestants all gave it their all and the beauties wowed the crowds. Unfortunately, the contestants were so Ugly that the camera lens broke every time we tried to take a snap!

With punishments for slobby counsellors encouraged by smart campers there was water galore with hose-downs and trips off the Wharf! Maple, Maple, strong and able, get your elbows off the table!

Session 3 has brought us a trickle of much needed rain, but a flurry of smiles. The girls hiked on Wednesday night to First Lake and the guys went on their voyage to the west side of Gambier to Doug Bay. Creative Tarp’s kept out the rain, and all invoilved enjoyed the true outdoors and natural beauty of Gambier Island. Big Props to Hawkeye for making the trips all happen this week! When the outtrips returned,the campers learned how to leave no trace in the outdoors.

Thanks for the memories Session 3 crew, you’ll be missed! Special thanks once again to Maple, our ever fantastic Camp Director this summer. With her unrivaled passion for child development, fun interaction, and sense of creativity, we thank you!

Parent’s beware, campers come home armed with new skills, a sense of responsibility, social interaction and a plethora of songs!

We’ll have them back for session 4 if you like!

- Chief


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