We’re almost at the halfway mark of session 2 and just when we thought things couldn’t get any better…. they did!

For breakfast we all partnered up for a famous Latona twin themed feast! This time there was a twist… if campers dressed up with counsellors and campers were the ones to break table etiquette rules, the counsellors had to take the heat! Thanks to this, 4 of our fully clothed staff members took an early morning plunge into the ocean as they wrestled off the water trampoline and paid the price for their lovely campers! After breakfast we spent the afternoon facing our fears on high-ropes courses, zip-lining, leaping and then cooling off on the kayaks.

Lunch was a formal affair as everyone dressed to the nines and referred to their friends as madam and sir. Pinkies were raised, accents were faked and everyone had an awesome time trying to be as classy as you can possibly be… while eating cheesy-meaty-messy tortillas! After more fun activities, we topped the evening off with a game of capture the flag and then ventured out for a memorable night hike under the stars.

Tomorrow morning we leave on our out-trips and everyone is excited to explore more of beautiful Gambier while we learn first-hand about surviving in the wilderness without the comforts of running water and comfy beds. Rumour has it there will be lots of delicious s’mores and as every camper knows, life doesn’t get much better than gooey desserts and silly songs by the fire with friends. Here’s to another fantastic day! Tibi a Latona!

~ Maple


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