For the past 6 weeks we’ve been busy at Camp educating young minds about the outside. Elementary and Secondary school Students from across BC made the trip up to Latona beach for our signature flexibility and personal touch. Groups often have specific needs and we always try to accommodate; from the supply of paramedic coverage to gluten, lactose and vegan mealtimes.

When at Camp, the students explore under the guidance of our fantastic spring educators and programmers. Teachers from each school group have commented on the professionalism and care their hosts pay to their campers, and how they are willing and able to take the reigns at outdoor school.

Outdoor education groups this year have come from Montessori, public, private, independent and religious schools. For each group coming in we develop specific schedules to complement their curriculum and the BC PLOs.

Students learn why it is important to take care of themselves outside, while taking responsibility, learning leadership and working in teams. At Latona we value the contribution each individual makes and we know that the best kind of entertainment is that which we make ourselves!

Well fed with traditional hearty camp fare and with lots of snacks, our outdoor school students enjoy the best of the camp and school worlds with campfires, time with friends and recess on the oceanfront in kayaks!

Kids challenged themselves everyday and staff grew to prepare themselves and camp for the upcoming summer shenanigans at Latona. Many a song was learned with Boom Chicka Boom a fan favourite, and numerous stories were shared with marshmallows. Let’s keep an eye out this summer for the Golden Gorilla and welcome him in true Latona style with a Tibi!


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