The countdown is on…

Less than three weeks until the campers come! Crews are at camp right now doing maintenance, working on all sorts of projects around camp getting it ready to enrich lots of young minds starting on July 4th.

This week we’ll be introduced to some of the faces that will be mentoring, leading and hanging out with the campers this summer. More than ever before we are looking forward to having an international feel to the staff  group, individuals from as far as New Zealand will be joining us as we search tirelessly for the best team around.

We feel that having an international component to the staff will help to encourage camper diversity growth and respect. Learning from positive role models from around the world constantly proves to reward those campers exposed to cultural difference and the value of everyday equality.

We feel that as our campers come from across the world, our staff should reflect the make up of the community. With campers from the US, the UK and Spain coming in this year we are excited to help deliver incredible, traditional West Coast Canadian camping experiences!



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