Girls Out Tripping!

Girls Out Tripping!

Tibi a Latona!

Around here on a summer day like today, voices can be heard in the woods; encouraged by fascination with nature and the awe inspired by the outdoors. Latona is alive with the sound of campers singing and exploring. The waterfront is alive with excitement and the dining hall is buzzing with counsellor punishments.

This week the campers and staff have already been trying out their skills at lots of activity stations, with a firm favorite being  crafts on the beach! Reports from girls camp is that most every camper in their care has been crowned with a hair wrap and bracelet making skills are through the roof! We are pretty sure that we will be able to go into the bracelet business once these guys return home.

Early in the week we took part in the Camp Latona Odyssey; team building and learning about our groups. In the following days we learned how to leave no trace when camping, tubed, challenged ourselves by choice at high ropes, and paddled in the ocean breeze, learning how to right tipped canoes. Fun times were had by all and the main event was yet to even take place!

Wednesday saw the girls cabins paddle to Doug Bay on the East side of the island and the boys of Cowichan headed up to Gambier lake to chase salamanders and sleep under the stars. The Out Trips for the campers are always a time to reflect, reconnect and grow, in the knowledge that they have achieved something to be proud of. They have spent the night in the outdoors, away from their parents, in the company and safety of positive role models, teaching that they can do hard things. Grit is hard to learn but lasts a lifetime.

Okay, time to run, tonight it seems there may be a bounty out for the counsellors as the campers hunt for their prize…

Kangaroo court is in session!

Wish the staff luck; they’ll need it when the campers are done punishing them!






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