Tibi, Tibi, Tibi a Latona!

For the past 55 years, on the shores of Latona Beach, voices have been heard speaking a special language. A language of Hawkeyes, Fiddle-heads and Black-tails. A Language of Tibi’s!

Summertime in the rain forest has earned a special reputation for the establishment of a positive, loving and welcoming community. One part of this positive reinforcement is known and shared by all in the form of a Tibi! At camp we do not clap. Good Job’s are often, and the most sacred of all congratulations come in the form of a Tibi.

Tibi a Latona or “To you from Latona” is the most sought after and most well received praise to be awarded. Sincere gestures of a Tibi build confidence, encourage growth and maintain a positivity different to that of the high five and the pat on the back. Campers and Staff look forward to getting a Tibi all summer!

Whether it comes from your fist leap off the zipline platform, the next successful canoe tipping rescue or to set off on the inflatable tubes Tibi’s can be heard throughout the day at Camp Latona, and we think they sound pretty cool! This summer, as every summer before, the camper’s out trips departed and returned to the sounds of Tibi’s reverberating from the Wharf to Mystery Falls.

Why is this important? What does it mean for campers and staff to earn this type of reinforcement? Why do we Tibi?  We Tibi as an inclusive community, it’s our thing. One of our elements that makes camp a special place. Part of the magic of camp. A tradition that has now spanned three generations, we continue the legacy of those who first brought young people to the beach at Latona with care, and a passion for the outdoors. The Tibi is a form of tribute to these guys, and a nod toward the future keeping the dedication alive by continuing their work to share nature and the awe-inspiring wilderness with others.

At the beach we truly are motivated by development and growth. By the formation of social connection and bonds in a young community environment, we are dedicated to letting kids and young people grow in a place away from harm. By having their own adventure with people and grass stained knees, the stench of bugspray, sweat and sunscreen is promoted and while often thought of as eau’ de Latona, it adds to that inherent magic and beauty where every individual is special, where each person makes their own choices and works towards success every single day.

I hope you are all enjoying September in and out of school, keep exploring, and enjoy your adventures!

Tibi a Latona!


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  1. Ashley Hoober February 8, 2016 Reply

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Summer camp when I was a kid was the best! Enjoy!!


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