We think it's a minke; short find, about 9 meters in length and white stripes on it's fins.

We think it’s a Minke; short Dorsal, about 9 meters in length and white stripes on it’s fins.

I was standing on dock when I heard this very loud noise, I turned to see what I thought was a very large black log or part of a dock coming to surface , as though it had broken loose from the bottom. The dock I was standing on is 40 M from shore about 10 M deep. When it started to roll I could tell it was a whale with a small fin on it’s back, it then slowly started to move away from shore.

The shore is rocky for 20 M then at 0 tide it drops off to mud to a depth of 10 > 20 M. The whale was 10 M from the end of the dock, which parallels the shore. Between being scared, excited, wanting to watch, fumbling for a camera, taking 3 shots at wrong settings, I managed to get a few distant shots. The whale swam slowly, blowing about every 2 minutes, then shortly after picture, took 5 short, between blows, and left in direction of Anvil and Defense Islands.

It has been quiet at camp for the last week. I have seen seals swim in this area and suntan on a floating dock where the Whale noises started.

I have read that they will go to shallow water to get away from Orca. I Think that Latona is the only shallow water in the area. Minke whales live to 50 years and we could be seen as a “safe harbour” and the whale may have even been here before.


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