Registration for Summer 2016 is now live!  At Camp Latona we are delighted to welcome you to register for the Summer Camp sessions in 2016. This year we have opened up registration in time for a week at camp to be a Christmas gift, and to make sure that dates are available in order that a week or two at camp can be fit into summer schedules before they fill up with other commitments. We are excited to welcome new and familiar faces to join us on beautiful Gambier Island for some social, summer fun, learning, and development.  With new and traditional activities, Out trips, and waterfront memories we look forward to sharing the summer with you! Click on the dates below for rates and more descriptions of the individual sessions at camp. End of School term: Friday June 26th 2016

Outdoor Leadership: Friday July 3rd – Friday July 8th 2016

Camp Latona’s leadership program is for ages 15-18 (grades 11 & 12). Our Outdoor Leadership program is an empowering challenge for any teenager. The seven night session is an advanced leadership training schedule constructed to focus on the development of initiative, responsibility, and team working, through skill-based teaching, outdoor education, and participation in all aspects of the camp operations.

Session 1: Sunday July 3rd – Friday July 8th 2016

Session 2: Sunday July 17th – Friday July 22nd 2016

Session 3: Sunday August 21st – Friday August 26th 2016

Residential (or sleep away, or overnight) Camp at Latona is our traditional week long, overnight camping experience. With our own limit of only 60 campers we pride ourselves in the unique experience campers leave with after a session at Latona. We provide a home away from home for campers from across the country who want have the excitement of camp, with a personalized experience. Our small size, and high, 1:4 staff to camper ratio enables the development of unique, relationships, truly characteristic of the Latona experience.

Marine Explorers 1: Sunday July 24th – Friday July 29th 2016

Marine Explorers 2: Sunday August 28th – Friday September 2nd 2016

Camp Latona and the Vancouver Aquarium have come together to offer the ultimate camping experience! Campers will spend time learning about marine life and ecosystems in the natural salt freshwater environments. Campers will have a chance to explore the incredible diverse marine life of the Howe Sound with the guided skills of the Vancouver Aquarium. This summer by popular demand, there will be two Marine Explorers sessions to accommodate all of the interest. Register early to guarantee your camper’s spot for 2016. 

Family Camp August Long Weekend: Friday July 29th – Monday August 1st 2016

Back for another summer and by popular demand, our famous Family Camp will now call August Long weekend home. Last was a blast with a full camp, awesome people, exciting stories, and the best food in the business. Join us this summer with all the family for a weekend of time away from city life, together, outside. Back to School: Tuesday September 6th 2016 Please check out the website, get in touch and ask around for more information about the Camp Latona Summer Programs. Please share this information with your family, friends, co-workers and community as we seek to make Summer 2016, THE BEST YET!


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