Our mission is to foster independence, inspire participation, and build relationships, by working together with respect and compassion, laughter and creativity. We will model and teach behaviours which demonstrate that every person at camp is special, and each person belongs; that embracing a new challenge helps us grow; and that the best entertainment is the kind we make ourselves.

Our Commitment is to your family. At Camp Latona the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of our campers is our top priority. Our staff are skilled, committed and caring. The success of a camping experience is built upon the relationship between a camper and his/her counsellor.

We place great emphasis on the selection and training of our staff to ensure the inclusion, creativity and safety of all during camp activities.

We value our lands and preserve our camp as an ecosystem of natural beauty. We strive to be energy-efficient and green.

We are a part of nature, enfolded in the beauty of life.