Bring your classroom into nature with Camp Latona’s Earth Rangers Program. An outdoor experience at Camp Latona can provide a more in-depth and memorable learning experiences for your students.

We offer two distinct types of Earth Rangers programming, Center based and Journey based.

• Centre based – students return to camp each night.

• Journey based – students navigate throughout the Howe sound for a true outdoor wilderness experience

Both programs actively involve all participants in fun, engaging activities that are directly linked to the B.C. curriculum and support a variety of Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs) including in the areas of Science, Social Studies, Geography and Outdoor Education. We work with professionals to ensure our program consistently meet the B.C. PLOs and Integrated Resource Package (IRP) as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Our programs can be adapted for all grade levels and experiences. Programs are designed to enhance, develop or improve:

• Problem solving skills

• Personal growth

• Social awareness

• Life skills for the world of work

• Confidence and Self-Esteem

• An Understanding of the Natural Environment

• Teamwork and Leadership skills

• Sense of Responsibility

All programs are supported by our core values of respect and responsibility for; self, others and the environment.

Earth Rangers programming includes physical exercise, healthy living and an opportunity for staff and students to interact and build stronger relationships on ‘neutral ground’ away from the regular classroom environment. It allows all participants to start fresh, engage in new experiences and challenges.