A camp staff member represents a person intent on providing quality care, role modeling and dynamic programming to all children. These responsibilities must be meet at all times with maturity, honesty and a drive to excel.

A camp environment requires flexibility and ability for staff members to work as a team and accomplish all circumstances encountered. In addition to this job description, further job details will be reviewed in the staff training program, camp policy manual and from the leadership of the resource staff team.

General Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain the smooth and efficient operation of the camp’s kitchen and meal programs
  • Participate in all meal programs, skits, special events, dress up and mass games.
  • Complete all administrative duties.
  • Various other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).
  • Time management of your hours worked and time off.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain the smooth and efficient operation of the camp’s kitchen and meal programs
  • Assist with coordinate with Manager and head cook to plan and cater to the needs of each individual camp group/session.
  • Coordinate with the head cook and Manager any particular meal requests as to theme meals and dietary restrictions.
  • Maintain accordance with all of Camp Latona’s Health and Safety Procedures
  • Adhere to and implement the policies and procedures of Camp Latona in respect to dining hall and kitchen operations.
  • Keep a clean working environment.
  • Maintain Kitchen equipment with the help of the caretaker.
  • Perform any other duties deemed necessary.
  • Complete all administrative duties.
  • Assist in light maintenance and cleaning of facility.
  • Various other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).


General Job Responsibilities

  • Promote all special events and get campers excited and participating in all activities possible.
  • Meet the physical, emotional, social, safety, well-being, medical and nutritional needs of each camper.
  • Treat each child with respect, care and appropriate role modeling.
  • Enforce all camp policies to your campers, staff  and yourself.
  • Promote wilderness ethics, respect and minimum impact camping.
  • Protect and ensure the proper care and use of all camp equipment and facilities.
  • Actively participate in all staff meetings.
  • Work with all other staff in a positive, professional and cooperative manor.
  • Seek out supervisors with questions, problems or situations that requires support.

Responsibility to Yourself

  • Prepare to give a lot of yourself but also to be richly rewarded.
  • Use your time off to relax, unwind and rebuild.
  • Follow curfew and get enough sleep.
  • Follow all camp policies and make sound decisions.
  • Be proud of yourself and the work that you are doing

Successful candidates will require a criminal record search and reference checks.

Position commitment is from June 29th to September 4th 2015

Please send your resume to the camp office at info@camplatona.com