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Outdoor School Programs

Camp Latona provides residential outdoor experiential education for students through the use of hands-on, exploratory,investigative and interdisciplinary teaching methods that are rooted in the Outdoor Council of Canada and BC Curriculum.

Using a thematic approach to curriculum delivery, the three-day trip will include a variety of activities aligned to your school curriculum. A full integration of the trip into the scope and sequence of the specific learning objectives can be undertaken upon further discussion with your teachers about the current courses of study.

Camp Latona Outdoor Education Centre provides a diverse array of programming for all age groups and needs. Our highly trained educators deliver intelligent, inspiring, engaging programs tailored to your own curriculum and school requirements.

We are dedicated to the inspiration of youth, and delivery of leadership opportunities to encourage participants to make wise and informed decisions. We truly believe that each group is different and we are committed to delivering each program catering to their specific needs.

Earth Rangers

Earth Ranger

Our Earth Rangers program is built on the Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLO) and Integrated Resource Package (IRP) set out by the Ministry of Education. We have already done the work for your team figuring out what PLO’s & IRP’s can be done at camp and for each activity. All the information you need for your camp experience is located in our Leaders Resource Guide. Our program engages students through hands on experience outdoors, while creating a fun, memorable, adventurous learning environment that you can reflect on in the classroom afterwards.

Adventure Expeditions

Adventure Expeditions

Come join Camp Latona on one of our ADVENTURE EXPEDITIONS! Whether your group is first timers or seasoned professionals, we can work with you to create a memorable trip.

Discover the beauty and amazing wilderness present in the Howe Sound. From sheltered island bays, towering Coastal Mountains, to lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls and active seal haul-outs/bays, Camp Latona offers the ultimate outdoor experience!

Our water expeditions will allow you to discover by sea kayak or canoe some of the numerous islands and waterways present in the Howe Sound including the often forgotten Gambier, Anvil, Keats, and Pasley Islands.

A vast amount of hiking trails and scenery awaits you with our Hiking Expeditions; you can hike the popular Latona Triangle or hike one of our local peaks, the options really are endless.

From the deck of your kayak or the summit of an island peak, spectacular views of the Sound are guaranteed.

Camp Latona’s Adventure Expeditions encourages participants to be active, participate and challenge themselves by trying new activities and advancing their skills. Expeditions offer participants the opportunity to set goals, achieve results, earn responsibility and become a leader in a fun and challenging environment.

All Camp Latona’s programs follow the Challenge by Choice philosophy, which allows participants to define success and areas of development individually by allowing them to choose the level at which to challenge themselves. While, all participants are encouraged to challenge themselves, in each activity, they will not be forced or peer-pressured by participants into any activity or action that they do not feel comfortable with.

Camp Latona is the ideal location for your groups Adventure Expedition. Our Outdoor educators are extensively trained in risk management, first aid, emergency procedures and can lead your group on a hike, kayak, or canoe out trip around the Howe Sound, and local mountains.

Contact us for more information about your next Adventure Expedition.

Catholic School Programs

Catholic School Programs

Camp Latona provides a residential outdoor environmental education experiences for youth through the use of hands-on, exploratory, investigative, and interdisciplinary teaching methods which are rooted in Catholic social teaching and stewardship. The experience is designed to be either 3 or 4 days with all lessons science based and taught by our trained outdoor leaders. Our goal is to provide an extension of a classroom in an outdoor setting, allowing students to discover a sense of self, and appreciation of others.

Something incredible happens every day at Camp Latona and we are committed to helping more individuals share these opportunities with us. Our educational and adventure programs are in constant development by a creative team of outdoor education professionals. With flexible and tailored programs delivered through a variety of platforms and in line with the BC curriculum, our team is available to help you make memories.

By encouraging this personal development, we at Camp Latona seek to do our part to address the issues that the Catholic youth of today face in a world where the risk of losing inner peace is a reality if children are not given opportunities to develop spiritually in a nurturing environment. Life is good (if not better) outside, and at Camp Latona,

children and youth will experience first-hand the marvels of creation in an enriching and supportive setting. Our activity elements complement the philosophy that individuals can be set up to succeed and we at Camp Latona would be honoured to take part in preparing students towards discovering their lifelong vocations and challenging them to strive towards setting high moral and ethical standards.

In conjunction with Catholic education professionals and NET ministry leaders, we have recently developed a dedicated stream of beneficial Catholic Outdoor Education courses to deliver to the Catholic youth in the Archdiocese.

School Group Testimonials

  • If the kids are caught with their elbows on the table in the mess hall..are they called out with a song and have to run around the mess hall....that was what they used to do when I was I'm almost 45 living in Ontario...thanks for my memories Camp Latona!!  ~ Cindy B
  • Thank you for giving my son Ben the opportunity to forget about his life challenges allowing him to be a kid. We are blessed beyond words and forever greatful. ~ Colleen, Ben's mum
  • A big tired shout out to the amazing crew @ Camp Latona! Our grade 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7s had a blast! My daughter Zoe has been the last 3 years (I was the 1st year rookie) and had a fantastic time.
  • “… a hell of an experience as a kid” – M Boudreau
  • “Our students left camp with lasting memories and were eager to share their experiences and building excitement with our grade 5's for their trip next year." ~ School Group

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