Tibi a Latona! (To you from Latona!)

Greetings from Camp Latona, where the ocean meets the rainforest, and our people stretch across the world. Camp Latona’s “spirit and songs” remain largely unchanged with expanded programming and facilities since the formation of the site as a summer camp and under the direction of the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Since 2007 Camp Latona is a non-denominational, private, co-ed overnight camp and Outdoor Education Centre dedicated to youth development and outdoor adventures.

Each season we offer a variety of program options for individuals and groups to share learning and experiences in nature’s beauty. Residential, sleep away camps for children and youth, family camps, weekend retreats and group bookings are currently available year round, and we work hard to tailor the experience to every individual’s needs. Our full service summer camp facility is on 118 acres of pristine wilderness environment, where you can enjoy developing your sense of adventure on our high and low ropes courses, 350ft Zip line suspended 50ft in the air, thrill on the water with traditional human powered and motorized boats, and relax by the camp fire after our homemade from scratch, wholesome twists on traditional camp food!

Alongside the additions to the traditional camping environment, we are committed to sharing the experiences and memories of those who too have grown up at Latona. In the Lower Mainland area if you mention the name Camp Latona, it has always been synonymous with being “fun”, “exciting”, “amazing”, and often “the best summer memories” of the songs and traditions heard echoing around the Howe Sound from Latona Beach. These same memories heard by generations past around the lower campfire looking out onto the awe-inspiring coast and mountains can be still heard today.

Everyone who comes up to Camp Latona, whether with a summer camp or one of our fantastic rental groups delights in the beauty of the true wilderness here at camp. We are fortunate to be based in this space and work hard everyday to ensure that more people have the opportunity to experience being completely away from city living in under an hour.

Camp is “off the grid” and is accessed only by the water. On 118 acres of rain forested oceanfront we feel that it is the perfect environment for adventure as well as to learn about nature and ourselves. Our international environment attracts faces from across Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. We are proud of those who choose to call Latona home each summer. Our campers and staff give their all every single day in the name of quality relationships, personal growth and the Latona community. Alongside this commitment to delivering meaningful experiences, our education programming is based upon a framework that has been built on the BC curriculum IRP and PLOs, with specific programming tailored to each group who joins us.

Join us at camp this year to live the experience and make memories where it truly is “As real as it gets!”


Hawkeye and the Camp Latona Staff Team