The mission of the Outdoor Education Centre at Camp Latona is to foster independence, inspire participation and build relationships. All of our activity programs are aligned to both this mission and the BC Curriculum with specific PLO’s and the IRPs for each class group.

The childhood, adolescent and youth years are a time of learning and adjustment. Away from the classroom, students have an opportunity to make sense of the world in their own individual way, establishing a sense of self through personal challenges and establishing new relationships with peers, others and the environment. We truly believe that holistic nature of the outdoor education program at Camp Latona emphasizes an opportunity for students to explore new horizons and apply new knowledge, skills and values to the world around them.

Within their experience outdoors, children actively strive to develop a sense of identity by establishing and extending personal capabilities. In many instances they are not only motivated by the personal pride that comes with achievement, but also by the feeling of social belonging that comes from taking part in enjoyable and meaningful activities with others.

We are dedicated to the inspiration of youth, and the delivery of leadership opportunities to encourage participants to make wise and informed decisions. We truly believe that each group is different and we are committed to delivering each program catering to your specific needs.